Our comprehensive approach

Our clients. NEW NRG advises owners of real estate, direct or indirect investors, such as investors, asset managers, owner-occupants, banks and funders, property developers, contractors, housing associations and various (semi-)public organisations.

Optimal return. The comprehensive approach is often necessary to realise the answer to customer demand and the formulated objectives successfully, that is to say, with an as high success rate as possible.

Our contribution. We start with the analysis of the issue together with the client in order to get to the heart of the matter. Common objectives are formulated, after which a (sub-) strategy is established for all disciplines. They are formalised in a comprehensive and brief plan of action. We seek the ideal solution to the issue in a creative and resourceful way. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to the plan by also actually implementing it vigorously.

Parallel to the planning, we monitor and optimise the value of the real estate through our hands-on approach.

In conclusion, we take control and responsibility as interim owner. The maximum value is guaranteed through the commitment of NEW NRG. That is the contribution of NEW NRG.

Focus on the result. The result always prevails, that is to say, an answer to client demand and jointly formulated objectives in an energetic and efficient process.