Real estate portfolio ‘Vastgoed Fundament Fonds’ (VFF), Annexum Invest

The Vastgoed Fundament Fonds (VFF) was founded by Annexum in 2003. The VFF has a portfolio with 14 office premises as from 2016, spread over the Netherlands. At the peak of the real estate crisis the two mortgage loans of the VFF expire and a major lessee is obtaining information about the market with regard to a relocation.

Demands owner
A value optimisation of the real estate for participants

Contribution NEW NRG
Drawing up and establishing a portfolio analysis with a lease and sales strategy, negotiations with both financers and negotiations with lessees.

In total 14,000m2 of lease renewals and new lease transactions. A write-down of the mortgage loan by about 55%, so that the fund could carry out a successful emission at the end of 2015, which was fully subscribed sooner than planned and as a result of which the portfolio could be refunded.

Project scope
16 buildings (year 2015), in total about 60,000m2

Office, commercial space and parking