Building the Globe in The Hague

The former post sorting centre was purchased by the Globe C.V. in 2007. In 2015 the building had a high vacancy rate. The value of the real estate also greatly decreased because of the crisis, so that the capital of the limited partnership is nil. The value of the loan is higher than the value of the real estate and the loan expires. The banks wants the property to be sold before considering an execution.

Demands of the owner
A value optimisation of the real estate for participants

Contribution NEW NRG
Drawing up and establishing a structure in which the participants and the bank can give their approval regarding a sale and drawing up a strategic sales advice. Conducting negotiations with the bank and NS Stations, the ultimate purchaser.

The sale of the Globe to NS, whereby the bank grants full and final discharge to the Globe C.V. and the participants have the possibility to receive a substantial part of their contribution as yet over a period of 10 years.

Project scope
About 28.000m2

Multi-functional complex, including retail spaces, loft offices, regular office spaces and leisure activities